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Meet Dr. Derek McArthur

Chiropractor Portland, Dr. Derek McArthurFor Dr. McArthur, his introduction to chiropractic was when his mother experienced incredible results. 
”My mum had migraine headaches when I was in school. After seeing a chiropractor, however, she didn’t have headaches any longer.” That positive result led Dr. McArthur to pursue chiropractic as a career.

A Chiropractic Education

He started by spending two summers during his undergraduate years volunteering with chiropractors. What they did resonated with Dr. McArthur, and he decided to apply to chiropractic college. In 2003, he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis. He enjoyed his time there immensely and participated as part of the Student Doctors Council, a small group that helped to represent students.

To stay abreast of the latest in the field, Dr. McArthur regularly takes continuing education courses through Integrity. “We always want to ensure that we offer top level chiropractic service.”

A Desire to Help Others

Taking after his mother who enjoyed helping people as a nurse, Dr. McArthur likewise wanted to make a difference in the lives of patients. “It’s my goal to help every member of our community be healthy and happy. That’s why we participate in many community events and speak to local groups.” Knowing that chiropractic works, he wants to help as many people as possible.

A Canadian Texpat

A native of Canada, Dr. McArthur made his way to Texas as his brother was playing hockey for the Corpus Christi IceRays. “After graduating from Logan I wanted to go where I had family. I liked the area, its people and being on the coast.”

Enjoying an Active Family Life

When he’s not at our Portland practice, Dr. McArthur enjoys spending time with his wife Guille and their two young children Clara and Owen. The children’s activities include T-ball, gymnastics and swimming. Dr. McArthur also likes to fish, golf, play hockey and eat Texas barbecue!

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